24Feb 7-9pm Lecture

bal-bs-bs-ae-my-desk-1-f20101126093628Emancipation to Integration — 150 Years of Advancement in Educational Equality                                                                                     What did emancipation actually mean for the newly freed slaves? Morgan State University Professor David Taft Terry, Ph.D., will explain the changes, challenges, and opportunities emancipation brought to daily life in Maryland. February 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of a petition by 20 Rockville men pledging to fund a school and teacher to educate black children in 1867. Learn about these brave men and early efforts in black education with this lecture, exhibit, and reception.

A collaboration between the Rockville Memorial Library and Peerless Rockville. Call 301-762-0096 for more information. Free! No registration necessary.

Rockville Memorial Libraryrockville290  21 Maryland Avenue  Rockville, MD 20850