12feb – Films: Fannie Lou Hamer: Voting Rights Activist & Voting Matters: Fighting for Voting Rights, 6pm

West End Library
2301 L St NW

1. Voting rights activist and Civil Rights Leader Fannie Lou Hamer, born in 1917 in Montgomery County, Mississippi, was the granddaughter of a slave and the youngest of 20 children. Raised by hardworking parents who were sharecroppers, she was no stranger to poverty or hardship. An inspirational speaker and writer, she used her powerful voice to raise the cause of equality and freedom for all blacks in America and became a defining force in the fight against social injustice during the early years of the civil rights movement.
2. More than 50 years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most extensive pieces of civil rights legislation, people of color across the United States still are engaged in a battle to protect their right to vote. Voting Matters follows one dynamic woman—civil rights attorney Donita Judge—working tirelessly on the ground and in the courts to ensure that they are not denied this right.