Meeting the Moment

If you join or renew your membership with the DC History Center by October 7, you will receive a special issue of Washington History delivered to your home in early November. This issue is unlike any we have published before.

Back in March we were working full speed ahead on the next issue of Washington History. Then everything changed. With the pandemic shutting nearly everything down, and then the horrifying murder of George Floyd leading to streets filled with angry protesters nationwide, we realized that the end of business as usual required, well, an end to business as usual. 

We postponed the planned issue and put out a call to historians of DC for their perspectives on this historic moment. The results—in a format new to Washington History—are 28 short essays in which researchers revisit their work to understand its relevance to the current situation. 

The contributors range from veteran historians who have shaped the field of DC history as we know it today, to a group of rising scholars who offer new perspectives on the DC story. Even more than usual, this is a Washington History meant to inform, challenge, and engage. This will be an issue to keep well beyond 2020.

Inside the Issue
Fall 2020 | Volume 32, Numbers 1-2

Essays from:
Chris Myers Asch and George Derek Musgrove
Paula C. Austin
Kenneth R. Bowling
Mara Cherkasky
Bell Julian Clement
Mary Beth Corrigan
Matthew R. Costello 
John DeFerrari
Howard Gillette, Jr.
Derek Gray
Amanda Huron
Jennifer D. Keene
Christopher Klemek
David F. Krugler
Thomas E. Luebke
Kate Masur
E. Ethelbert Miller
Mary-Elizabeth B. Murphy
Joshua M. Myers
Lauren Pearlman
Lawrence Roberts
Patrick Scallen
Sarah Jane Shoenfeld
Kyla Sommers
Brandi Thompson Summers
William G. Thomas III
Rachel Watkins
Eric S. Yellin

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